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Communicate clearly to clients your booking policies. We'll help you enforce them when we can. Please review our general cancellation policy.

Instant booking policy

Clients will choose up to three times for their appointment when booking your offerings. You'll then have to approve one of them within 18 hours. We recommend this if you're using another scheduler software.

Clients love the ability to schedule services on the spot, but this works only if you keep your calendar up-to-date. You can sync your calendars to make this easier for you.

Cancellation policy

Loconomics cancellation policy

You must specify pricing, locations, and any required credentials for your services before adding scheduling to your website.

Add scheduling to your website

Calendar sync settings

Do you use a calendar already? We can both import your availability and export your Loconomics bookings to ensure you're never double-booked.

Import a calendar to Loconomics:

Importing your calendar will block your Loconomics availability when you're busy so clients don't schedule you. Learn how to find your URL.

Export your Loconomics bookings:

Please copy this URL and paste it into your iCal-supported calendar to sync all your Loconomics appointments.

Cancellation Policy

General policy

Upcoming appointments

No upcoming appointments...schedule one now!

Store your client's contact and other information here and create offerings only they can see.

's contact information: Client's contact information:
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You have no clients yet. Search for clients that may already be on Loconomics or add clients of your own.

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Your training and education

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Clients like to know if you've had special education or training for your profession.

Training or degree:

This could be a degree, certificate, or level of training.


We'd love to hear from you


Select a category

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All help articles

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Upload your credentials

Some professions may require credentials to provide services. See our License Verification Policyfor more info.

Your credentials

Generally required credentials

Supplemental credentials

(Expiry date: )
Need to apply or renew this license/certification? Please visit this site.
Need to renew this license/certification? Please visit this site.

Upload a photo, document, or (if your licensing board has a website) of your license/certification, and we'll do our best to verify it.

License Image

Upload a photo, document, or (if your licensing board has a website) of your updated license/certification.

  1. Press PrtSc button
  2. Press Ctrl + V to paste into a text editor or photo editor program and then save file
  1. Hold down (windows key) and press PrtSc button
  2. Windows will save your entire screen as a file under your Pictures > Screenshots folder
  1. Hold down ⌘ (command key) and Shift and press 3
  2. The file will be saved to your desktop
License Preview

Your listing is inactive. Your listing is active.


Response time

Marketplace categories

Overview of services

VIP offerings for you


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      is too new to review. Help them out by booking them.


      Quality of Work






          Credentials and verifications

          Professional credentials

          These are verified according to our Background Check and License Verification policy.

          Education credentials

          Loconomics does not verify education credentials.

            Booking policies

            's scheduling policy

            Acceptance required

            You can request up to three times for your appointment. will then approve one of them within 18 hours or let you know they're unavailable.

            Instant scheduling

            When scheduling offerings with , your appointment is confirmed instantly.

            's cancellation policy


            Please finish these steps to activate your listing:

            Your business name

            Your business website

            Edit business info


            Marketplace categories

            These are the categories where clients find your services in the marketplace.


            Edit Add
            Tell potential clients, in a few sentences, what makes your services special.

            Offerings Required

            Edit Add
            List here what services you offer along with descriptions and pricing. You must add at least one for your listing to be active in the marketplace.


              Edit Add
              Upload here some photos you think clients will want to see pertaining to your work.

              Hours Required

              Edit Add
              When can clients book you?

              Location Required

              Edit Add
              Add a location or service area where you clients can book your offerings. You must add one for your listing to be active in the marketplace.

                Credentials and verifications

                Upload professional licenses, certifications, training, digital badges, and education you've obtained related to your work. Depending on your profession, we may need to verify credentials for your listing to become active.

                Education credentials

                  Booking policies


                  Your instant booking policy

                  Acceptance required

                  Clients will choose up to three times for their appointment when booking your offerings. You'll then have to approve one of them within 18 hours. We recommend this if you're using another scheduler software.

                  Instant booking

                  Clients love the ability to book services on the spot, but this works only if you keep your calendar up-to-date. You can sync your calendars to make this easier for you.

                  Your cancellation policy


                  Edit Add
                  Tell potential clients and the Loconomics community a little bit about yourself outside of you work.


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                  Enter your email address that's associated with your account. We'll send you a link so you can reset your password.

                  You're welcome!

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                • Add a new Cleaning Professional service

                  1. Appliance wipedowns
                  2. Bathroom cleaning
                  3. Bed making
                  4. Cabinet cleaning
                  5. Dish cleaning
                  6. Dusting
                  7. Floor waxing
                  8. Ironing on request
                  9. Laundry on request
                  10. Mopping


                  Upon acceptance, this disclosure serves as a receipt of your Ownership in Loconomics Australia, Inc., a California cooperative corporation. A copy of our articles and bylaws can be found here or furnished, without charge, to Owners or prospective Owners by a written request mailed to:

                  Loconomics Australia, Inc.

                  Transfer of Ownership

                  An Ownership Interest is personal to an Owner. No Owner may transfer her or his Ownership Interest, and except as otherwise provided, no Owner may transfer any right arising from Ownership Interest. Except as otherwise provided, any attempted assignment or transfer of an Ownership Interest shall be void, and will not confer rights on the intended assignee or transferee.

                  Requirements of Ownership

                  To become an Owner of Loconomics, a Service Professional must do each of the following:

                  • Create a profile. Create an online profile on the Loconomics Marketplace describing the Owner and the services that the Owner provides.
                  • Complete two bookings with positive reviews. Complete Services for at least two bookings through the Loconomics Marketplace or online scheduler with a Client review of 3 stars or higher. Service Professionals regulated by HIPAA are exempt from the positive reviews requirement.
                  • Complete Owner Acknowledgment. Complete an Owner Acknowledgment in order to acknowledge, among other things, that the Owner has had an opportunity to view and agrees to these Bylaws, the Loconomics Terms of Service, and any other policies or resolutions adopted by Loconomics.
                  • Provide Owner Information. Complete an informational form to provide Loconomics with an email address, a second email address (if available) for back-up purposes, a phone number, and mailing address.
                  • Pay User Fee. Pay any User Fee associated with use of the Platform, if applicable, as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.
                  Type your full name as acknowledgment

                  You submitted your acknowledgment of this disclosure on: from IP Address:

                  Tell us how you'd like to be paid Payout preferences

                  Payments from clients who schedule you through your listing go directly into your bank account or to Venmo. There's a small transaction fee of 2.9% plus $0.30.

                  Choose a payout preference

                  Merchant account status

                  You're all set up with Braintree. We'll deposit any payments due to you to your account ending in to your Venmo account attached to e-mail address .

                  We're working with Braintree to set up your merchant account. Please check back in 24 hours for an update.

                  We're having problems setting up your Braintree account. Please contact us for further assistance.

                  Error(s) reported by Braintree:


                  If you choose not to enter your bank information, a Venmo account will be created and linked to your email. You will then have to set up your Venmo account to release payments. We do not recommend this option as it requires you to cash out every time you get a payment.

                  Loconomics Australia, Inc. (Loconomics) uses Braintree, a division of PayPal, Inc. (Braintree) for payment processing services. By using the Braintree payment processing services you agree to the Braintree Payment Services Agreement available at, and the applicable bank agreement available at If you have questions regarding the agreements, please contact Braintree at 877.434.2894.

                  Payments from clients who book you through the marketplace go directly into your bank account or to your choice of payment provider. There's a small transaction fee of 1.75% plus $0.30.
                  Setup will take about 30 minutes.

                  Yep, privacy is pretty important. Let us know what you're thinking below, and let us know of any concerns or questions. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.

                  Loconomics information:
                  Marketing your listing:
                  Co-branding partners:

                  Who are you, anyway? Add a personal touch and tell clients a bit about yourself outside of work. Something like… "I love Darebin" or "I love riding my bike along the creek". Who are you, anyway? Add a personal touch and tell service professionals a bit about yourself. Something like… "I love Darebin" or "I love riding my bike along the creek" or "I am currently learning to play the guitar".

                  Upload a clear, professional-looking photo of you for clients to see. Upload a clear photo of you for service professionals to see.

                  Clients are more apt to schedule you if they know when you're generally free.

                  Your weekly schedule

                  Scheduling preferences

                  ( near you)

                  ( near you)

                  Tell clients where you're able to work.

                  Select a client location

                  List for your clients the name and website of your business where they can learn more about you and your services.

                  Create a personal and unique URL for your listing that clients will remember. You can also use it as your own website.

                  Clients will be able to schedule the offerings you create here. Need to speak to clients first? Add a consultation.

                  Please wait for the new Job Title to be approved

                  Looking for special pricings for clients? Select a client



                  How much does the client pay for this ?

                  If you check this box, we'll only show this to new clients.

                  Enter the number of sessions or appointments included with this .

                  Give clients an idea of your regular pricing.

                  scheduling info:

                  Let clients know all about your services and what sets yours apart from others. You can always update these details as you gain new skills and experience.

                  Brief description of your services

                  Make your passion and experience shine through! Keep your overview simple and clear—so that clients know what to expect from you.

                  List details of your services

                  0% commissions on all plans. No bidding.

                  Some service professionals offer birthday specials for their clients.

                  Your current plan:


                  Expires: (Up to 6 months for students)

                  Your payment information:

                  • Expires

                  We have plans to fit any budget. Since we're a cooperative, any paid plans entitle you to becoming an official owner.

                  Select a plan:
                  Enter payment info:

                  This is a secure 128 bit SSL encrypted form, and we're PCI compliant.

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